5 Things to look for before hiring a PHP Web Development Company

These Points will really help you to select a professional PHP web development company or PHP programmer for your project. Hire a reliable, trustworthy and expert PHP Programmer or PHP Web development Company to implement your dream into reality.

Let’s say, you are not a technical guy and you have an excellent business idea which you would like to develop as a web based solution. You understand and know completely about your business model and its inner workings, but you are not a tech savvy person.

So in order get it rolling, few things you will do, first you will Google it and get some search results which you will follow and get some understanding of the web technologies in brief. The second thing you will look for is an open source platform, technology or framework to design and develop your solution in a cost effective manner. You will evaluate the various technologies like PHP, ROR, Django etc., and may proceed with PHP Development. The third step in the process, you will look for a PHP development company who can transform your idea into reality. Once your probable list for PHP developer / company is in hand, you would approach them for a quote and may receive some 30 – 40 biddings in your inbox. You will go through some of them or all of them and find out who is lowest and has got a little better at portfolio and finally you end up doing your project with them. On a positive note, your idea will turn into reality and you do good business. But what if the development or implementation went bad? Turns out that the company / developer wasn’t good and you faced a lot of challenges with the project development and implementation. And finally your idea could not be converted into your business. There are many pitfalls while selecting a company to outsource your idea or work.

Here are few facts or things you should consider before hiring a PHP Developer / Company.

1.       Knowledge: PHP is a dynamic technology, many frameworks emerge overnight. The hired developer/company should have a good knowledge on PHP Programming and the latest frameworks Zend Framework, Cake PHP, Symphony etc. Added to it, they should have sound knowledge on HTML5, Java Script, Jquery and other client side programming techniques. A professional PHP Programmer can really help you to choose for the exact framework or approach towards developing the web solution.

2.       Experience: The next thing you should look into is the work experience he/she have in PHP Programming and using related tools. What kind of projects they have worked on? How many successful implementations are done till date? A simple example could be a payment gateway integration, if they have done it in the past? What all the code repositories they have used? What process do they follow for development? These are some typical questions a developer can answer only with good experience. Whether the company has dedicated resources to work for the project or not?

3.       Adaptability:  Change is the only constant, for the ongoing projects it is quite natural that the requirement keeps on changing frequently as per the market situation, technology upgradation etc. Hence, it is really important that whether the developer/PM can adapt to such changes quickly or not and more over patience to deal with.

4.       Communication: Communication is the basic need for any project, Agreed medium of communication can help you solve many hours of frustration, if the company/developer will be available when required or not? It is very important to have a perfect communication and regular updates about the project because you may be on the other side of the globe and you would like to know everything about the project on time. Things such as, progress report, bug fixes, solutions to your queries and post development support solution on priority. You can use Skype®/ Go to Meeting®/E-mail on regular basis. Always ask for a responsible point of contact from the development company.

5.       Cost: The most important one. You should keep in mind the development cost as well as the time frame to complete your dream project. Often people fall for lucrative packages and/or less time to complete the development and end up running it for a long duration. Hence it is really important to look at the minimum available cost and time frame required for the project in a real time manner.

These Points will really help you to select a professional PHP web development company or PHP programmer for your project. Hire a reliable, trustworthy and expert PHP Programmer or PHP Web development Company to implement your dream into reality.

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